The Heroes 'What If' Meme

Ficcing the 'what ifs' from the show.

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The Heroes What If Meme
vickyblueeyez wrote in heroeswhatif
Similar to the kink meme, you guys provide a character or character(s) and provide a prompt (the character rends to be in the prompt anyway). Some prompts can be based on the following: plot, character or concept. Below are some examples:

* What if Chandra took Sylar in?
* What if Issac never died?
* What if the Bennets never split up?
* What if Mohinder discovered the formula to give people powers?
* What if the virus did break and Peter didn't stop it?
* What if the sexes were switched?

Something along those lines (and you may feel free to use any of the above.

1) Post the prompt/situation/character(s) and feel free to elaborate on it. Anonymous posting is optional.
2) Some awesome person will fill your prompt.
4) More than one writer(s) can fill the same prompt.
3) Your request is not guaranteed. Please do not complain. Writers are needed in order for this meme to be successful. Please try to pick up a challenge yourself.
4) This is slash, fem-slash and het friendly.
5) Fics that are rated R or NC-17 are allowed. However, please place a warning before the story.
5) Though there is a primary focus on the TV series, Book concepts, characters, plots are allowed to be brought in for prompts. :)
6) Writers may choose to fill the prompts anonymously or not, it is optional.
7) No seconding, thirding posts. They don't necessarily contribute. I WILL delete it if I see it.
9) Keep RP/Crack prompts to the proper threads (Heroes vs Zombies or the 'What If' RP thread)

New: Limit it to one prompt per comment. That way it's easier to fill.

Remember to post fills at http://community.livejournal.com/heroeswhatif/1781.html

What if Samuel's brother never died?

Joseph has always been a patient man, a man who saw the greater good and believed in it in his own rebellious way. For him, the greater good was keeping his family together.

It had been a battle to give Danko the compass, but Samuel didn't understand how dangerous he was, how much discord he was causing.

And then Samuel got angry and lifted rocks into the air, sent them flying at him so quickly Joseph couldn't see them. He was only aware of the whish as they flew past his head. He saw Samuel fall to his knees and ran to his brother, hugging him as Samuel cried. "I'm sorry," Samuel said. "I'm sorry, brother, I'm sorry."

"Shh. It'll be all right, Sammy. Everything'll be all right." He kissed Samuel's forehead, and blinked away tears. He'd always struggled to suppress Samuel's emotions before they got out of control, but now he suppressed them completely, holding Samuel as his little brother calmed. He guided Samuel back to Joseph's trailer, suppressed his emotions until Danko arrived, and when his brother was finally gone, he looked around the carnival and didn't feel any better that the carnival was safer.

He sighed. He had done what needed doing. His family would be safe, and the carnival would continue to be a safe haven for specials in danger. Without having to worry about monitoring Samuel, they could harbor more...

And it made him feel so awful he almost wished Samuel had killed him with those rocks.

What if Claire had agreed to Sylar's "proposal"?

Claire agrees to Sylar's "proposal"

Claire gasped as she was thrown from the room, the familiar tug of telekinesis sending her crashing into the wall outside.

"No!" She shouted, catching a glimpse of Sylar before Nathan and Peter ran into the suite like a pair of eager boy scouts. His hands crackled with lightning and his eyes were dark with malice. The corner of his lip rose, his signature smirk emerging. Her heart stopped beating as he winked, then made the doors slam shut.


Her breathing was heavy and frantic for a moment before she found the willpower to stand and press her eye to the space between the two doors.

This was wrong. Her lips were still tingling from that man's vicious kisses, regeneration or no, and he was killing her family.

The killing was nothing new, but the kissing had been a big compromise on her part. Clutching the doorknob, she realized that maybe she shouldn't have assumed he'd hold up his end of the deal.

Peter stumbled out and told her to follow him, but she shook her head and gave some flimsy excuse. She didn't think she'd be able to move unless he carried her. She didn't even want to look at him. Even seeing him made her feel guilty. Dirty.

So she was there.

Sylar spared her the sight of her father being gutted, but only by throwing her back out of the room momentarily. The sounds she heard (and the blood she saw) made it clear he was gone.

"You bastard." She whispered, keeping her eyes narrowed as he stalked towards her with a boyish grin on his face. "We had a deal."

He chuckled.

"Did we, Claire?" He shrugged. "I suppose we did. It was...for you to be my first lady, no?" His eyes lit up as he understood, and he laughed again.

"Poor Claire," He murmured, "Watching too much TV. Did you think kissing the villain would save your Daddy?"

She wasn't sure if it was his eyes or his powers, but she couldn't move when he reached out and brushed her cheek with a finger.

"I don't change my plans for anyone." He whispered, voice like cold honey. "I guess you'll figure that out in the next few decades."

He grabbed her arm and pulled her along with him.

"Let's go find the president, Claire. We have a lot to do."

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What if HRG agreed to give Claire away to the Company?

What is Noah Bennet got the regeneration ability from Claire's blood?

What if Noah Bennet got the regeneration ability from Claire's blood?

What if Mohinder and Sylar had met the way the original pilot had intended? (In Mohinder's apartment, soon after Mo arrived in New York)

What if Sylar and Peter had gotten stuck in Sylar's mind (a la The Wall) and had never been able to get out?

I'm not sure if this is allowed but I'll fill this as soon as I can.

What if Sylar never met Elle?

No one really needed watches and clocks repaired anymore, but as the days went by, then the weeks, the landlord eventually stopped by and found Gabriel hanging in the back. It wasn't uncommon in New York to find a dead man. He just had to figure out how to get Gray's crap out to rent the place out to someone new, fast. Gray had missed his rent, and it didn't look like he was going to be paying it anytime soon.

The landlord sighed as he called the cops. He was going to lose money on this shit. Maybe the clocks were worth something.

He ignored the body as he talked to the cops, eying the clocks, considering raising the rent before some new chumps moved in. Life went on, after all.

What if Matt got into a relationship with his FBI partner and left Janance?

She thought he cute.

She thought HE was CUTE.

Matt remembers middle school. All those pretty girls who traveled in packs giggling over which boy they thought was cute.

It was never him. He was the fat kid. Not cute, beefy.

It was only after joining the football team that he even showed up on their radar, but even then he was 'nice'. Not cute.

And now this pretty blonde thinks he's cute?

He stares at her sometimes when she's not looking. When they're not looking for serial killers, or interrogating radioactive men. When she's not staring down men twice her size with her hard brown eyes. When they're just grabbing burgers after a long day, and he makes her laugh with some lame joke of his.

And she's pretty cute too.

What if the baby wasn't Matts?

What if Meredith was alive?

What if Samuel had truly loved Lydia?

What if Nathan didn't die? (Can't believe no one's prompted this yet! Nathan fangirl in the house, hehe)

This speaks to me. I don't know how good it'll be, but working on it.

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What if Lydia didn't die?

What if Lydia had a kid by Edgar?

What if other characters had found the carnival like Mohinder?

What if HRG had been working with Tracy instead of Lauren?

What if Elle had been at the carnival?

What if Maya never lost her powers?

Maya keeps her powers

Maya wakes up in a bright, cool place. Relief washes over her at first, until she realizes that instead of being trapped in a cocoon, she is strapped by her wrists and ankles to a bed. She looks around; she sees several people pass by glass partitions in the walls. They are dressed professionally or in white coats.

Two figures approach from a hall coming in on her right: Mohinder, talking to a tall old man in a gray suit. They stop at the door and exchange more words before the old man comes in. Mohinder stays behind, watching anxiously.

The old man approaches her bed. His eyes are narrow and dark, and she dislikes him right away. "How are you feeling, Maya?" he asks pleasantly, but as if from a script.

"Who are you?" she asks. She hears the distrust in her voice. "Where am I?"

"My name is Arthur," he says. "Your doctor friend needs my help. He says you need mine too."

He talks to her like she's a child, and she knows that in this place, wherever it is, she is no one. It is a place for her to be used and forgotten. It is not unfamiliar.

"Relax," Arthur says. "You won't have to worry about your power anymore."

She instantly knows he's going to take it from her. She recognizes Sylar's intent in his eyes. Anyone who wants this power can't be trusted. She may fear herself with this ability, but she can't let herself be responsible for what some strange man may do with it.

His hands barely touch her before his eyes fill up with black. He does not react right away; then she can actually feel him fighting it, feel something push back. It would seem he has taken other powers. But Maya knows anger and fear, and she knows the uninhibited strength of the sickness that spreads from within her. She forces it upon him and he wavers. He tries to reach for her and she feels black tears spill from her eyes. Arthur groans and falls.

Maya wills the oil to recede, takes a gasping breath as the tension contracts her lungs. The tears evaporate. The glass door opens and Mohinder stumbles in, breathing hard, but he is conscious. She is controlling her ability more and more, it seems-- had she been able to focus it that much more on the old man?

She pulls herself together and says, "Get me out of this bed."

Mohinder doesn't move. "Maya... he wants to help you, give you what you--"

"Do what I ask!" she snaps, and she can feel the black oil simmer. Maybe Mohinder can too, because he doesn't argue anymore about what he thinks she needs. As he undoes the straps he's all apologies and shame and he can't look her in the face. She sees how the scales have crept up his temples, how quickly the change he effected in himself using her blood has progressed.

"What happened to that man?" she asks.

"What?" Mohinder pauses on the last strap, the one around her right hand.

"The man I found."

He hesitates. "I left him in the lab, with Nathan and... and Tracy. He's alive."

"There are others?" she nearly spits.

"They're alive," he says quickly, but obviously afraid that had he not left with her, that would no longer be true. He undoes the strap and tries to hold her hand.

She jerks away. "You shouldn't play with... with this, these powers. This is not science. This is nothing like your father's book."

"I know," he says, folding his arms to hide his shaking hands. For a moment he stares at nothing, looks frightened. As she gets off the bed, he comes back to life and says quickly, "Please don't go."

The ties at the back of her hospital gown barely preserve her modesty and she holds it closed. "Why?" she snaps. "I don't even know where I am. This man tried to take my power. Why?"

"I..." He licks his lips. "I need a place to work. I need resources. I have to fix this."

"By hurting other people? I don't need to be here for that."

"Don't leave me alone," he begs, and he grabs her arm.

She tries to throw him off, but he's too strong. "Don't touch me!" Arthur stirs and her heart races.

Maya can see the thing Mohinder is becoming overtake him again. "You can't leave," he growls, and his fingers dig into her flesh.

She feels a last trace of pity when his eyes cloud with ink, but she won't stay here. She won't be used.

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What if Linderman was alive?

What if Pappa P never killed Adam?

I have to say, I have wondered endlessly about this. Because, honestly, did it ever make sense? When you take away regeneration, a person can no longer regenerate, ok. But the regeneration that already happened... didn't it ALREADY happen?

Oh, well. One more plothole to the list. On with our issue:

- Arthur?

Talk about coming back from the grave.

There are tubes everywhere and that awful smell of the not-quite-alive. Adam’s only ever had to endure it a couple of times, never for himself, and always with some measure of... not exactly pity, he guesses. Pity requires some kind of understanding of what the other person is going through. His power prevents him from understanding this.

The guys that brought him drag him across the room, and there’s fear in his stomach, rising like bile.

- Arthur! You’re...

... the guy that steals other people’s powers.

Barely breathing, barely moving an unsteady hand. (And just like that, Adam’s panicking, needs a sword, wants to run.)

- Come on, Arthur, is this really necessary? Couldn’t we...

Just a touch. A simple touch. Something is being drained from him, he can feel it, like a tug from the inside, a weakness in his knees, and Arthur Petrelli is suddenly breathing effortlessly, steady, ripping the tubes from his body and letting go. And for a second, just a second, Adam finds hope in the fact that he feels exactly the same, young and strong and immortal. Then, he remembers he’s lived too long to be fooled by false hope.

It’s over, he thinks. And suddenly the tubes and the bed and the foul smell of disease are way too much to handle.

Arthur lets him go. He’s no needed (nor feared) anymore.

- Dust,- he tells the bar at large.- That’s what we’re all gonna be. In eighty, ninety years. Nothing but dust.

- Shut the drunk, Mike!

- I’m not drunk! Am I?- He turns to apparently-Mike.- I can’t be drunk. I don’t... I haven’t been drunk in...

There’s a Japanese guy with glasses and a round face, and he’s yelling “Carp!” before he gets closer and realizes “you’re not Carp” with some indignation. Not as much indignation as the Japanese guy, though, who from this distance looks a lot more badass than Hiro.

Four hundred years of experience in battle. Hitting, dodging, slicing. The best fucking swordsman in the whole fucking word. A killing machine. A living god.

He never sees the blow coming.

Guess I’m drunk after all.

It hurts, but it always hurts. He’s been hit before. Hit, smashed, thrown against walls, thrown from a cliff, ripped off his limbs, cut open wide, asphyxiated, set on fire, killed, and killed, and killed again. He can take a punch.

Only this time, his face throbs and throbs, and doesn’t stop throbbing. Copper taste in his mouth, and he’s felt it before, but now there’s a wound, a split lip that shouldn’t be there, that hurts when prodded with the tip of his tongue, and is that panic rising in his chest?

He can’t remember the last time he felt fear (true fear) during a fight. A bad fall, the edge of a table, a hidden knife, a shred of glass, and in a second this could all be over, his eternal life vanished like a trick of the light. Or worse, much worse (his spine shattered, his limbs broken, his brain damaged beyond repair, a sad existence of tubes and chemicals and foul smell, only the inevitable end to hope for).

He runs.

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What if Sylar's father decided to go after him after Sylar paid a visit?

What if Sylar hadn't given in to the urge to kill when Elle and HRG were setting him up?

What if Peter had Sylar's power and (Sylar)Gabriel had Peter's?

What if the first power Peter absorbed was Sylar's?

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What if Sylar never regained his abilities after being infected with the virus?

What if Sylar really was a Petrelli?

Will try my best to fill this one! :) On another note though, have you read boonies' fic? She has a couple with this prompt in mind, though they are mostly (or vaguely) Sylar/Claire. These two are gen-ish, depending on how you look at them.


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